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It is up to you to allocate your resources between your base and your army! In Clash of Clans PC, a well-arranged base can easily crush even the most powerful attackers. Thus, a good base defense is one of the keys to trump the game. There are tons of options available, and all of them are valid. For instance, you can beef up the defenses of your Town Hall to avoid losing trophies! Losing your town hall means that your opponent will automatically get a star and therefore a fraction of your gold.

Thus, defending your town hall is a valid tactic. Most beginner players prefer this tactic. On the other hand, pros who try to avoid climbing too high will intentionally expose their town halls.

However, letting half of your village burn to smithereens means another free star for your opponent. Thus, it is wise to spread out your defenses, and create choke points for traps and turrets! Unfortunately, spreading your defense too thin means that enemies can do concentrated pushes! If you are not interested in the trophies, just let your enemies burn your TH and your village. After all, fattening your coffers is more important than the freeloading virtual people of your village!

Just pile up your resources in a well-protected area and you are safe from anything except pesky goblins. The sheer amount of possible combinations of spells, troops, and heroes make COC PC ultra-interesting. Moreover, base defenses are composed of different tower combinations! Hence, COC challenges players to prepare versatile armies and defenses.

Throughout each attack, players will have a different troop vs. Thus, they should have an army that can fight different defensive configurations. Alternatively, just save enough gold so that you can skip until you find an enemy with a base that sucks!

Troops range from the run-off-the-mill Barbarians and Archers to the impeccable Pekka. They all have their niche uses, so none of them will become obsolete over time! In addition to the regular troops, dark elixir troops make the gameplay more fun.

These troops are very powerful and have interesting skills. For example, the Witch can constantly spawn skeletons to support your siege! Another great example is the Hog which can jump across the walls and insta-wreck turrets.

Join clans and fight together in epic Clan Wars. If you manage to win wars, you will be rewarded generously! Depending on the size of your clan, Clan Wars can be 25v25 or 50v Either way, the mechanics of the Clan Wars desktop make COC playable by introverts and extroverts alike.

The clan system also lets you send and receive clan troops. Download and install Clash of Clans on your Laptop or Desktop computer. Clash of Tanks Clans Download 4. How to download and install Clash of Clans on Windows If there wnidows no native version, windowz to step 3. Install the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store here ». Selecting « Get » will begin the installation of the App and clash of clans windows 10 download free automatically install Windows Subsystem for Android too.

After windoww, the Clzns Appstore and the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app clash of clans windows 10 download free appear in the Start menu and your frfe list. Open the Amazon Appstore and login with your Amazon account. Go to the Amazon App store and search for « Clash of Clans ». Open the app page by clicking the app icon. Click « Install ». After installation, Click « Open » to start using the Clash of Clans app.

Clash of Clans Software Features and Description. Top Pcmac Reviews. The October update with CWL was amazing. This new league war where players are placed in a league based on war weight, but once they are in a league they will only get matched with other clans in the same league. The rewards are awesome if your clan is active and does all attacks. Clawh games downllad active players, and makes me want to play even more.

With the CWL update and getting boxee download windows free based on league encourages players to progress. Champion 1 is a league that you have to earn. To clash of clans windows 10 download free clqns town halls from rigging the game and getting into lower leagues all CWL clash of clans windows 10 download free are 15vs I see no reason why Champions 1 is limited to 15vs15 wars.

Many clans in the higher leagues have lots of strong players who are sitting on the bench. Maybe in the future we might see titans or legends league in CWL. And if those leagues are lock from new CWL clans they also should have larger then 15vs15 wars. Clash of Clans is a game best played with windods. People will constantly say stuff like MicroTransactionMania but this just is not true.

Yo can easily get gems in game, sure you might speed up the process with MicroTransactions but I never widnows like they were a huge problem. At this period you hit a natural fere block at which many people seem to quit.

This road block being that once at silver 3 you will encounter lots of people with higher skill than you. This will lead fres you attacking much higher bases than yourself and failing some people do this cycle of over confidence and failing will lead to some players to quit the game. There is also a issue with the walls being over priced playing some of the top single player missions and getting millions of gold will only allow you to upgrade a couple walls to level 12!

This game is the best Mobil game in history. That was prob the best part. You got to talk to all kinds of people. Talk about their clans and how clash of clans windows 10 download free ran in them. But now you just have to guess and pick a clan. If they talk a certain way in their. Who knows?? Then the time wait on stuff is crazy. The best part is the new challenges you can do to earn rewards. Since everyone is most likely broke as mess since everything costs sooooo much.

It is a fun game to play and talk to people in but that part clash of clans windows 10 download free cut out for some clah. If anything that canon my image garden download 10 describe that how good Clash of clans app really is, then its got to be its millions of users around the world.

You need resources for building troops for attack, building new defenses, for upgrades and literally for everything. In order to gain resources one can build and upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors or attack on other villages and loot their resources.

Though the upgrades are time consuming but if you are a serious gamer, you can buy and use gems to speed up the upgrade or can also opt for an instant upgrade.

One important feature that Clash of Clans offer is the creation of Clans where you can add your friends and chat with them. You can also create clan wars where you and your clash of clans windows 10 download free mates go against the same number of players and whichever clan does more damage to the other clan wins the war.

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A variety of maps are available to explore in the adventure game and certain maps give you more rewards than others. Download older versions Download Clash of Clans At this period you hit a natural road block at which many people seem to quit. Nonetheless, you can look forward to refreshing updates when you play CoC. Play your favorite games today! I think the worst part that has changed is the global chat.