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VAT included in all prices where applicable. View mobile website. With battle royale games offering a boon to the free-to-play model, though, AAA studios have started releasing high-quality, free FPS games.

Each one of these games can be found in the game store of your choice on any of the listed platforms. See more Best games to play with friends online Best co-op games Best battle royale games Halo Infinite. Genre Shooter. Developer Industries. Publisher Xbox Game Studios. Release November 15, The original console arena shooter is back with Halo Infinite , only now the entire multiplayer suite is completely free to play for anyone on Xbox or PC.

While it launched a little light on content, and with a frustrating progression model, the team at has been working on adding more maps, modes, and smoothing out their battle pass to keep players engaged.

The guns feel satisfying to use, movement feels fluid, and everything has a nice, punchy sound to it. The Halo franchise has always offered a refreshing alternative to the loadout style, twitchy realistic shooters where encounters last fractions of a second at times. The longer engagements in Halo make every kill more satisfying while allowing skilled players to have a chance, even if their opponent gets the drop on them. Developer Games. Publisher Games. Release May 22, This is a fast-paced, arena-based shooter where you and everyone else can create portals to flank, reposition, and zip around the map.

However, you do still need to be smart. While most shooter experiences will live or die based on how fast you can nail a headshot, Splitgate evens the playing field a bit with the portal mechanic. Positioning is always a key factor in FPS games, but this new level of dimension and strategy that portals bring to the genre makes tactics even more important than quick reflexes.

The weapons are satisfying, movement tight, aiming precise, and it all just feels so fair. Apex Legends. Developer Respawn Entertainment. Publisher Electronic Arts. Release February 04, It has been quite a few years since Respawn Entertainment launched the excellent Titanfall 2 , a full-priced multiplayer shooter that mixed brilliant on-foot gunplay with hulking, walking tanks that delivered deadly firepower.

Rather than create a full sequel, the studio instead developed the free-to-play Apex Legends , a battle royale game cut from the same cloth as Call of Duty: Warzone. The only difference is that you can play as one of 13 legends, each with its own unique abilities. PUBG Mobile. Platforms Android, iOS. Genre Shooter, Strategy. Publisher Tencent Games. Release March 19, However, the free-to-play PUBG Mobile offers a great alternative version for anyone itching to get their battle royale fix on the go.

The game uses a combination of virtual buttons and sticks to create a shooting experience much better than it has any right to be, and with optional motion controls, you can even fine-tune your shot to take out the most distant targets with a sniper rifle. As with its big siblings, PUBG Mobile supports duo and team-based matches, and built-in voice chat allows you to coordinate with your teammates before you approach a new area.

Publisher Tencent developed its own emulation tool so you can play the game from your PC with a mouse and keyboard setup. Initially restricted to Thailand, this free alternative to the original PC release also relaxes the more taxing system requirements, making it easier on older systems. Call of Duty: Warzone. Developer Infinity Ward. Publisher Activision. Release March 10, Plunder, on the other hand, takes place on the same map but allows for unlimited respawns.

The aim here is to collect cash from boxes, objective-based missions, other players, and things like random airdrops and downed choppers. Halo Recruit Free. Hitmasters Shotgun Free. Super Boy Run Free. Stickman Warriors Avengers Free. Dragon Ball Battle Free. Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Free. Zombs Royale Game Free. Halo: Spartan Assault Lite Free.

Real Steel Robot Transformer Free. Plenty of modern games capture the feeling of playing Quake or Doom for the first time, but Dusk is the smoothest, the fastest, the goriest. It’s like the best of the 90s, but with a few modern-day twists that make it stand out like detailed reload animations and inventive level design. Maps are varied and keep you guessing: one minute, you’re in a spooky old farm, clearing out barns with a shotgun, the next you’re in a science lab that twists back on itself, the walls becoming the floor when you turn your head.

Like the best old-school shooters, it’s simply bloody good fun. Beefy weapons turn enemies into a fine red mist, and you zoom through levels as if on roller skates, only pausing to line up the perfect shot.

It’s topped off by a metal soundtrack that refuses to let you quit. It may be old enough to drive and gamble a young Gordon’s student loan fees under a bus, yet despite its age, Half-Life 2 still has a touch of G. This is an all-time shooter masterpiece. Whether you played it on a cutting edge rig on a debuting Steam in , or first sampled its City 17 delights courtesy of Valve’s brilliant Orange Box bundle, the core of Half-Life 2’s greatness remains unblemished.

Few other shooters before or since show such a level of masterly pacing. From the extra chilling Cold War opening vibes of that iconic plaza to the zombie-mangling Gravity Gun fun of Ravenholm, Half-Life 2 shuffles between thematic genres with unerring grace. He may never say a word, but Gordon Freeman’s actions carry more weight than pretty much every Call of Duty character combined.

It may not be the most important game in the series — that nod goes to the iconic third entry — but Far Cry 6 is still a superior shooter. Does it still lean heavily on a lot of well-worn Ubisoft tropes? Yet look past the dinky dachshund sidekicks named after a Spanish sausage and the typically assured, if samey stealth, and you’ll find an FPS that feels like a much needed turning point for Far Cry. New additions like the Supremo Backpacks open up creative new avenues for both sneaky and explosive chaos, further enlivening Far Cry’s already intoxicating power fantasy.

Better yet? With the introduction of freedom fighter Dani — who you can actually see, listen to and emote alongside in third-person cutscenes — Far Cry has finally given us a protagonist who’s actually worth rooting for.

And all it took was half a dozen entries. When it comes to sandbox shooters, few do madcap spectacle better than Far Cry 6. Never has a game so intelligent tried so hard to look like an idiot, or been so screamingly funny with it.

On Bulletstorm ‘s surface, you’ll find a brash, knowing, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, sitting on a layer of the most gloriously creative cursing you’ve ever heard in a video game.

Beneath, you’ll find one of the densest, most detailed, widest branching FPS systems ever devised. The genius of Bulletstorm lies with its Skillshots. Imagine if a new Tony Hawk’s game served up tricks but replaced every Ollie and kickflip with increasingly gruesome ways of mangling mutants and you’re pretty much there.

Boot a dude in the balls then kick his head off. Launch some men into orbit with an alt-fire rocket, then pick them out of the sky like they were clay pigeons. Shunt every second enemy you meet into a cactus, because there’s literally always a life-affirmingly sharp cactus lying around. What stings even more than the plant-based murder, though?

The sad fact that we’ll probably never see such a brash, bright or commendably crude FPS like this again. The best Call of Duty campaign ever made… and it’s not close. Dragging the series kicking and screaming from the bloody and muddied trenches of WWII, Modern Warfare re-energized an FPS juggernaut with a breakneck, perfectly paced campaign that’s been copied by countless other military shooters since, yet never been remotely matched. Kicking down doors with the iconic Captain Price in an electrifying, rain-lashed tanker infiltration.

Watching in scarcely believable horror as the character you’ve played half the game as gets vaporised by a pesky little mushroom cloud. Holding your actual breath as a sniping duo scuttle through the tall, grassy fields and empty, echoing playgrounds of Pripyat in the all-timer of a mission, ‘All Ghillied Up’.

The original Modern Warfare is so good, you could throw every other COD at it and the remastered FPS would still boast more memorable moments than the entire series combined. How to describe Borderlands 3 … you could say it’s the underlying principles of the first and second Borderlands wrapped up in a more pristine shell.

With its heavy emphasis on loot, loot, and more loot, Borderlands 3 drowns players in a sea of guns with varying abilities and stats including a gun that shoots saw blades, and one you can throw like a boomerang while it carries on firing, wounding anyone nearby , conveniently color-coded by rarity.

The colorful cast of characters breaks away from the traditional « fighter, wizard, rogue » archetypes, and each hero is memorable in their own right. It doesn’t quite have the character of Borderlands 2. We miss Krieg. Oh, Krieg, you crazy barbarian poet. And none of Borderlands 3’s villains fill us with anger the way Handsome Jack did. But in terms of shooting and looting, preferably in co-op, it still stands as the zenith of the Borderlands formula.


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Top free games. Showing 1 – 90 of results. Stick Duel Battle Free. Shoot And Run Free Free. Dust Buster io Free. Merge Defense Free. Zumas Deluxe 2 Free. Circulet Free. Cyber Hunter Free. Ninja Shadow Fight 2 Free. Halo 5: Forge Bundle Free. Minesweeper Free. Halo Recruit Free. Hitmasters Shotgun Free. Best fps games for pc free Boy Run Free. Stickman Warriors Avengers Free. Dragon Ball Battle Free. Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Free. Zombs Royale Game Free. Halo: Spartan Assault Lite Free.

Real Steel Robot Transformer Free. Flip the Gun! Occupation VR Free. Stickman Fight Shadow Free. Mr Bullet Free. PickCrafter – Crafting Game Free. Commando Mission: World War 2 Free. Snail Bob посетить страницу Adventure Free.

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First-person shooter FPS games have been a staple in the gaming industry for decades, serving up some of the most memorable games from decades ago. They were one of the most popular genres of the past and continue to remain relevant.

Over the years, FPS games have evolved in various ways to keep players interested. The inclusion of multiplayer co-op was the first of such innovations, and the battle royale mode has been one of the most successful. As of late, the free-to-play model of releasing games has become quite popular, with FPS games getting this treatment the most due to their cost-effective development and use of fewer resources.

Featuring a three-player team format, the game has since evolved to have a duos mode, an arcade 3v3 mode, as well as other recurring time-limited modes being spotlighted every season. The game offers a plethora of characters to choose from, giving players a chance to find the best possible match for synergy amongst the team. Apex had one feature, however, that made it stand out amongst other battle royale games. Each playable character had three abilities that could be employed on the battlefield, categorized as passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

With each season, Apex adds a new character, and the playground always feels dynamic. As of May , there are a total of 21 available characters to choose from. From the developers of the original Halo games, Bungie, Destiny 2 is the co-op FPS looter-shooter that is the go-to for fans looking for the best gunplay in the industry.

With Destiny 2, Bungie delivered fast-paced gunfighting with futuristic weapons. Players may choose from three main classes: Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. Additionally, each class also has access to a multitude of sub-classes and abilities to be employed as offensive or defensive measures. With new story DLC being continually added over time, Destiny 2 has managed to find its foothold in the playerbase. Halo 4 and 5 were not well received by fans, so the developers took their time with their next outing.

Halo: Infinite came out in late and met fan expectations mostly for the first time in ‘s history. While the campaign was probably one of the better ones in the entire series, the free-to-play multiplayer took the spotlight as well.

Mjolnir customization was at its peak, while the action and gunplay were in sync with the older Halo games. There were a host of modes to play around with, as some of the classics like Big Team Battle and Capture the Flag made a return.

Currently, this FPS multiplayer is in its second season of content. Ironsight is a relatively unknown free-to-play FPS, stylistically resembling the older Call of Duty games. Developed by Wiple Games and released in late , it has made a niche for itself among players due to its budget-friendly nature as well as low system requirements, making it accessible to people without the strongest hardware. The game features a clash between two warring factions, with players embodying a combatant on any of the two sides.

With minimalistic gameplay focused purely on the reliability of a good shooter, the game boasts a plethora of weapons and customization options as well. Ironsight offers a simple yet enjoyable experience for people who are more fond of old-school shooters. PUBG: Battlegrounds, while not being the first game to incorporate the battle royale model, was the first commercially successful one. The game allows players to drop into an expansive map, collect required gear, and hunt down other players, with the goal to be the last one standing.

While initially an experience one needed to pay for on PC and consoles, as of January , PUBG underwent a change and became free-to-play on all platforms. Similarly, this game was a third-person shooter at launch but later went on to incorporate the FPS style as an optional camera setting. Since then, it has added a first-person-only mode that matches the player with other people in a first-person-only game. Developed by games, this free-to-play FPS is one of the most innovative shooters out there, in that it relies on the creativity of its players, who are tasked with deciding how to best utilize the portal mechanic.

Set in a generic sci-fi setting, Splitgate won’t offer much in the way of story or flashy gameplay, but it promises an engaging experience in the arena. Players square off in a 4v4 manner, with only their weapons, portals, and wits to count upon.

While the portal mechanics may be a little tricky to get a handle on, once mastered, the game offers a whole new experience. Upon its success, developers Infinity Ward and Raven Software later delivered Call of Duty: Warzone, which was a standalone, free-to-play game centered around a multiplayer experience: the Battle Royale and Plunder modes. Battle Royale consists of players fighting it out on a substantially large map.

Plunder mode sees players in teams collect the most cash to win. Additionally, time-limited modes keep getting thrown in every now and then to keep things interesting. Warzone also regularly incorporates new content into its gameplay through various events. Many such events have tied into previous and recent games. The latest event does things a little differently, tying into the movie Godzilla vs. Riot Games, of League of Legends fame, released Valorant in , as a sort of amalgamation of battle arena games with shooters.

Like Apex Legends, Valorant also plays with different characters and abilities, with a reliance on synergistic gameplay. At launch, Valorant consisted of the plant and destroy mode, along with a few variations. Deathmatch was added two months down the line, many variations of which were also included in the subsequent months. However, its diverse roster of playable characters makes it stand out from other entries in the FPS genre. Released all the way back in for PC, it has since seen somewhat of a resurgence, with it being released for PS4 and Xbox One in and then again for the Nintendo Switch in This free-to-play FPS works heavily on a class-based approach, with five playable classes to choose from.

Each class has unique abilities which need to be utilized with precision and coordination for players to gain the upper hand in matches. Since its release, Warface has received favorable commendations, with reviewers calling it a fun experience and praising its multiplayer elements.

Released all the way back in , CS:GO was initially a priced game for many years. It was only in that the game took the free-to-play approach and opened itself up to a larger playerbase. CS:GO is simple in terms of core gameplay, which has not evolved over time. However, through many updates and patches since launch, the game does feel relevant. Various UI updates have made it more accessible to newcomers, while new types of modes and maps have also been added over the years to introduce some diversity.

CS:GO is still one of the most popular games in esports, with tournaments being hosted by many different agencies, as well as Valve itself. New User posted their first comment. Log in. Manage your profile. Modified 03 Aug Edited by Siddharth Satish 3 Reactions. Sort by: Most popular Recent Most upvotes. Show More Comments. GIF Coming soon! Comment in moderation. No thanks. Cancel Reply. Be the first one to comment on this story.

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