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The Babylon Project Public Development is proud to bring you Zathras This version expands on version and is compatible with FS2_Open Simply it is a patch in the form of a mod that allows you to both enjoy the game as it was originally released as well as experience new features from both Zathras and the FS2 Source Code Project. The Babylon Project is designed to work as stand-alone, without original Freespace 2. Install any optional packages you might have downloaded. (To the same folder you installed the Base to.) Install any missions and campaigns you might have downloaded. (To the same folder you installed the Base to.). Sep 05,  · The Babylon Project – Full game – Download Download for free and play full version of The Babylon Project, a (n) simulation game, for PCs and laptops with Windows systems. Free and legal download. Enjoy! file type Full version file size MB downloads (last 7 days) 7 last update Monday, September 5, Free download.


The Babylon Project – A Freespace 2 Total Conversion – Our Last, Best Hope For Victory.Babylon Project

Provisional name for a RPG open world game, inspired in the ancient astronauts theories (sumerians & anunnakis). Work in progress. This is an open world single player, multimision game. The story is based in the ancient Sumer and the Anunnakis, an alien race who ruled the world in that.


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I’m still far from being able to offer a demo. The game is not playable, there is nothing to do except wander around the mostly empty map and fight NPCs читать далее any objective. The dialogues are for testing. There is definitely nothing babylon project pc game do on the map yet, except run around and fight, which is what you see in the videos.

The quest system does not work, I have changed and added many things since I babylon project pc game the quest system time ago and на этой странице I have to redo it, in another way to make it more flexible and allow more things.

There are bavylon errors regarding character navigation, they get stuck frequently, some systems like navigation inside of buildings takes too many resources. There are several navigation methods, apart of the engine native one, and it’s complicated to make them to work fine in a square kilometers map. Many things are just started and with a lot to do, such as vehicles boats, flying ships нажмите чтобы узнать больше, or aquatic animals.

There is a lot of work to do at the graphic thing. I need a lot of babylon project pc game to place on the map, more buildings, improve the current ones. More clothes and to fix the current ones since the human models have been quite modified and the clothes no longer match. New models of weapons are needed, and some models of the aliens body design free pc, as well as their clothes and buildings. More animations are pcc, to fix some of the current ones.

It remains to populate the map, place the assets to build the cities, villages, fortifications, etc. Something that I’m pretty bad at, by the way. In short, to offer a babylon project pc game I would have to finish or almost finish many of these things, and Bayblon don’t know how long it will take me to do it, because right now I’m working alone and it’s a mountain babylon project pc game work just for me.

A AAA game takes a couple of years to be finished with a team of or people, full-time professionals. Babylon Projecf is not a AAA game far from it, neither can I work in it full time, nor can I produce like 10 or 20 people.

Sorry if I’m taking too long, but that’s reality and those are babyloh numbers. Regarding opening a Patreon or an Early Access, that’s the plan. But if I did it right now, it would fail. I have seen many projects, good projects, failing when opening a Patreon or a Kickstarter, for not having enough promotion.

For not being known. Check out this video. It has about visits. It is little. A big thank you to all babylon project pc game you who follow the game, some for years. Thank you very much. Babylon project pc game before opening a Patreon I should do a lot of publicity, multiply those visits by 10 or by 20, and then it would make sense open a Patreon. The game need to have здесь of followers to be able gxme tell you one day « I have opened a Patreon ».

It is, as we say in Spain, the whiting that bites its tail, without financiation there are no people to help me, without people to help me, financiation fails. And for now the only thing I can do is keep working on the game, without really knowing how far I’ll go. But an indicator was missing in the player’s settings to see how the protections looked as pieces of clothing babylon project pc game applied.

Now that indicator already exists in the player’s configuration. A background is missing under the silhouettes to see it better. The interface is still very provisional. Light brown is non-protection nude or light clothingdark brown babylon project pc game leather or thick рекомендовать ashes cricket pc game free почти, yellow is bronze, gray is iron, and black is Anunnaki armor but not shown here.

Thursday, July 1, State of the game. This is a text that I put in the prouect account of the game. I reproduce it here: I will try to answer those who are babyloh about the state of the game. I have a growing list of bugs to fix, including some serious bugs that causes the game crashes. And I don’t have any 3D artist helping me with it. Saturday, March 20, Assorted screenshots. Read more ». Sunday, November 29, Screenshots at dawn.

Sunday, September 20, It’s a bad idea Thursday, April 30, Tavern. Pictures of the tavern, по этому адресу unfinished. Wednesday, November 20, /11464.txt. These are some of the labours that bots and the player can do in the game.

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