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There is a subscription fee for multiplayer, but the game comes with a two-week free trial. You can download the game from the official website or from Steam. GeoFS is a web application that runs in almost any browser.

You can pick from a variety of flying vehicles including a multi-engine jet, a classic propeller plane, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, and even a paraglider. In addition to a helpful online instructions manual, GeoFS features a map that tracks all pilots currently playing the game, so you can arrange to meet up with your friends and explore the virtual world together.

Another World War II-themed game, War Thunder features multiplayer combat as well as a casual mode for those who just want the experience of flying in a fighter jet.

In addition to classic aircraft from the U. Google Earth Pro gives you the ability to virtually fly over places you might never get to see in real life. Choose between an F16 jet fighter or a SR22 airplane and pick a real-world airport to take off from to explore the globe as seen from real satellite images. Bored with Earth? When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests.

Time is limited. Take off, perform the tricks in the air and land far away. Move with Arrow Keys. Park My Plane 2 is the airport parking game. You need to prove your skills at manoeuvring the airplanes in the crowded areas. You only have 3 lives. After 4 levels you move to another base.

Enjoy the game! Potty is back. Your job is to jump far, do maneuvers and more. Move with Arrow Keys » Find out More. LAX is one of the busiest Airports. Your mission is to park Airbus on its spot. Every level gets harder and you need to avoid collision with other plains.

Commands: Arrow Keys » Find out More. The world is under attack. Complete all missions and kill the enemy planes along the way. Get everyone to Safety Boat. This orange game of flying is a great fun and easy to play. Use the keyboard to navigate through corridors. Fly through the air and collect special money bags in your sweet helicopter. Avoid the dangerous dynamite laden copters or you will lose a life. To move your copter forward and backward on the screen, simply move your mouse back and forth.

Drag the flight into the fuel area and check out your tank. Do not leave the flight with less amount of fuel or you lose a life. Manage this flight station. It’s about airplane games,world war 2 airplane games,airplane landing games,plane games,plane landing games,aeroplane landing games,airplane game,airplane landing game,plane landing game,aeroplane landing game.

Avoid all obstacles heading your way. Test your skills and let the race begin. You are the last line of defense. Avoid the enemy bombs and missiles in this top-down shooting game with a retro touch. Your role as air Marshall is to defend the skies and defeat all enemies. Use your arrow keyboard keys and shoot the bad guys with the space button.

Protect your land in this awesome multiple aircraft game. Take off and destroy the balloons. Use the brute force of heavy metal and assault enemy aircraft and ground forces. Intercept alien aircrafts and save your planet. You are a pilot of a spaceship and your goal is to eliminate all enemies that come your way. Pigs in the sky is an addictive arcade game. Your main goal is to shoot the pigs and collect coins.

Tank defender is a simple strategy game. Shoot your targets in the sky and collect the boxes. Watch out for other airplanes.

Target accurately as many airplanes as you can. You only have thirty ammo so be careful with targeting. For game controls use keyboard arrows. Zenon Mega Blast is a great action game. Your goal is to fight an alien invasion and defeat as many enemies as you can.

Play this world war 2 strategy game. Accomplish different war style games. In this game you are in control of F18 Hornet fighter. Dogfight your way to the top. Shoot down all enemy planes.

Can you survive the bombardment and protect all the ground units. The Pilots Peril is a pilot game. Fly the president and take him where he wants to go. Enjoy this paper plane game. The aim is to fly at least 10 seconds. Dodge Copter is an aircraft game in which you must collect money.

Dino Hunter Defense is an aircraft dinosaur game. Set up your defense to protect time-travelling RV. Defeat a wave of enemies. Play the Fighter Plane Maker and build aggressively by adding more weapons and missiles. Airfield defender is a strategy game in which you have to predict the enemy steps. Defend the city from the evil.

Statistically speaking, flying is still the safest way to travel. No matter how the advanced technology is, there is always one element that is impossible to control: the human element, because human are prone to making mistakes, although the major pilot error […] » Find out More. Due to the short runway length 7, feet , planes on their final approach need to fly over the beach at minimal altitude, and over a part of the fence and the road.

Because of it, […] » Find out More. During a history of military aviation there were some interesting events. During WW2, Royal Air Force fighter pilots started a rumor that excessive carrot consumption gave gunners night vision. Because of this rumor, Germans began eating large quantities of carrots. To make it easier, we need to refine it further, depending on different characteristics, such as: longer effective range, best high attitude fighter, damage resistant aircraft etc.

How much do you know about U. Test your knowledge about U. Things you need to know about airports around the world. Test the knowledge of these random aircraft interesting facts. This quiz is about the most famous World War 2 airplanes. Take the quiz and give it a shot. Selection of last added games. Get information, facts, and pictures about airplanes and aviation.

Find out how much you really know about planes. Plane Revenge — Airplane Shooting Games. Helicopter Strike Force Game. Stunt Pilot 2 — 3d. F18 Hornet Air force Game. TU Russian Bomber Game. Flight Simulator X marks the tenth version of the popular line of simulators. It was officially released to the US market on October 17, According to Microsoft’s Web site for the game, a standard edition features everything from navaids to GPS and airways.

It also includes 18 planes, 28 detailed cities, and 40 highly detailed airports. The deluxe version features 24 types of aircraft, 38 highly detailed cities, and 45 highly detailed airports. Microsoft released screenshots as well as a list of frequently asked questions as a press release on Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider, as well as numerous flight simulator communities. This also included mission-based gameplay with mission specific aircraft as well as an upgraded rendering engine capable of increased detail.

Following the Electronic Entertainment Expo in May , Microsoft published new screenshots, videos and an official trailer. The overall reaction by the community was quite positive, and the graphical quality of the simulator has greatly increased. Standard vs. Improved graphics including enhanced texture resolution, new Earth model facilitating polar flights, true road data, region-specific textures, 3D animals, star constellations, etc. Also, the scenery textures now line up with the automatically generated Autogen buildings.

Improved default airport functionality — appropriate dynamic vehicles, jetways etc. Now featured by default where they exist in reality. The built-in GPS support has been upgraded to include Garmin G integrated glass cockpit, select aircraft in the Deluxe version only.

Improved and new default aircraft including, for example, an Airbus A Default aircraft systems modeling is rather extensively improved, featuring, for example, APU, fire protection, passenger advisory sign switches etc.

Improved weather system, including better visibility modeling. Revamped multiplayer functionality featuring Shared Skies, a feature allowing multiple users to share the same cockpit. Tower Controller, a feature in the Deluxe version allowing users to simulate local control at many airports worldwide during multiplayer gaming.

Revamped sound system with support for 5. Mission engine allowing creation of dynamic missions with developer control of many simulation variables, sound file playback, AI aircraft traffic etc. Dozens of missions ship with the product, and a mission level editor is expected to be released on-line shortly after release of the main product. Most of the vintage aircraft that were a key theme in the previous version have been dropped, with the exception of the DC-3 and Piper J Both aircraft are featured in the default missions that ship with the product.

The maximum altitude in the game has been increased to ,, feet 30,, m , as opposed to FS’s 99, feet 30, m. FSX’s maximum altitude is therefore approximately 2. Camera shake in the virtual cockpit as the aircraft banks, accelerates, brakes, flies through turbulence etc. Realistic flexible wings in some commercial airplanes, the wings flex when the aircraft is going through turbulence, increasing rate of ascent or descending, major plane movements, flaps being fully extended, general vibrations to the plane, etc.

An example of an aircraft with this wing movement is the Boeing New water effect which has 3D waves with curled up object reflection according to the wave movements and with sunshine reflection. Aircraft can cast shadows on themselves. In some missions, extra AI aircraft are included but aren’t really included in Free Flight. These aircraft include:. Missions and rewards The inclusion of Missions adds a new facet to the simulation, adding task oriented goals, and encouraging users to fly worldwide, rather than just from their home field.

Pilots earn Rewards for completing various missions, and reaching specific accomplishments throughout the game, in ‘Free Flight’. Some of the rewards exist as hidden « easter eggs » to be discovered by pilots. Some missions have multiple and hidden rewards, receipt being dependent on performing additional actions. Earning a postcard for spotting an item of interest.

Earning a badge for landing at a special airport i. Earning a reward for completing a challenge not associated with a mission. Earning a trophy for landing a number of times or the number of airports landed at.



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Listed in this category are a selection of flight simulator packages and games that are free-to-download. Some are demos fod fuller simulation packages, vaiation as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo or X-Plane, while others offer the entire package because they are open source such as FlightGear. All of the files here are free to смотрите подробнее — no registration or subscription is required, however, some of the installation files are quite large so you may benefit from registering for a PRO account which offers uncapped aviation games for pc free speed.

Plus, you’ll have full speed access to download any of the files in the library such as any aircraft, scenery and tools you may wish to install. This page is one of the most popular on the site because of its nature.

The packages here aviation games for pc free support for Windows, Linux and Mac. It requires that you have a working copy of the latest FlightGear installed before you can use it – it works with both Windows and Mac installations. You ma Whether you’re a fog, advanced user, or aircraft designer, you’ll find Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations or cheesy mockups! But, it ca Vehicle Simulator is a unique simulator, combining land, underwater, sea surface, air and low orbit environments into one, the pcc makes it possible to drive, fly, sail, dive, and go into space in one convincing simulation environment.

The pro Orbiter is a unique flight simulator that lets users launch manned or unmanned flights into space. They can dock with space stations, repair satellites, and land on planets. The vast reaches of our solar system are open for Orbiter fans to explore Add-ons Free Flight Simulators Listed in this category are a selection of flight simulator packages and games that are free-to-download.

Free-to-Download All foe the files here are free to download — aviation games for pc free registration or subscription is required, however, some aviation games for pc free gaems installation files are quite large so you may benefit from registering aviationn a PRO account which offers uncapped download speed.

Vehicle Simulator Demo Vehicle Simulator is a unique simulator, /4370.txt land, underwater, sea surface, air and low orbit environments into one, the program makes it possible to drive, fly, sail, yames, and go into space in one convincing simulation environment. Orbiter Space Flight Simulator for Windows Orbiter is a unique flight simulator that lets users launch manned or unmanned flights into space. Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo